Progressive Property Development driven by passion to create inspirational living spaces.

Our Ethos

The 3Q's

We have a vast portfolio, and decades of experience and expertise delivering a wide variety of schemes, from central London apartments to uniquely designed suburban houses; 3Q Developments prides itself on being a distinctive development company, who constantly and consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

Featured Schemes


Developers making a difference. We pride ourselves with being innovative, sustainable home builders. Part of our mission is to introduce new technologies which decrease wastage but also improves/enhances the finished product. The Q-Blog gives regular updates to the ever evolving, ever growing property industry, keeping you up to date with our latest builds and schemes.


“Unlocking true potential and creating real value”

Our team possesses a depth of experience and an innovative approach to acquiring development sites across London and home counties.

Qalland Group

Multi service property company, Redefining industry standards.

Projects, schemes or opportunities are never the same. The one size fits all approach is never a solution, our ethos at Qalland is to tailor our solutions to the proposition. Our team understands the need to be flexible, to adapt and be dynamic within an ever-evolving market. Whether it’s sourcing superior quality materials at economical prices or providing tailored financial solutions to help boost the bottom line, we endeavour to achieve the desired outcome.

Maximising Potential

Utilising our combined experience and extensive planning knowledge, we have an excellent track record of acquiring development sites and property across London and the Home Counties. This approach allows us to exploit the full potential of each scheme and create remarkable dwellings for new homeowners.

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team”

Steve Jobs